here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions.

In General

What is Exclusive Restaurants ?
Founded in 2002, Exclusive Restaurants is the first premium and independant restaurant network in France. Exclusive Restaurants positions itself on a high end segment, a strict selection is made before integrating new restaurants.
It's my first visit, how does it work ?
The Exclusive-restaurants.com website is there to help you find the best restaurant at the best time. Our priviliged partnership with the restaurateurs and our free thinking enables us to offer you reliable information with real time updates, texts and photos written and taken by us.

You may view our selection according to precise criteria by using our search engine and book a table. You can also get assistance by calling our customer service +33 (0)1 42 63 48 18.

Our services are free of charge, the booking is quick and easy.
Are my personal details protected ?
Exclusive Restaurants undertakes not to share the information that you provide with third parties. Such information is used only for internal purposes, i.e. to improve and personalise our contact with you during and after booking (news, special offers, etc.). You have the right to access, correct and oppose the use of your personal details.

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How is your booking processed ?
For individual bookings (up to nine people), whether online or by phone, you choose the restaurant and timeslot using the real-time availability updates provided by the restaurateur. You can choose to receive a confirmation email or SMS.

For last-minute bookings (15-30 minutes before the time of your meal), please call our central booking desk. If however the desk is closed, the restauran's direct telephone number is displayed on the website page of the restaurant. This enables us to guarantee very single booking 24/7.

For groups (ten people or more), we process your booking online or by phone. A project manager is assigned to your event and quickly gets back with the restaurant(s) and menus that suite your event the best and offer the best value for money.
Is my booking confirmed ?
Confirmation of your individual booking (up to nine people) is sent to you by email or SMS (as you choose). Confirmation of your group booking (ten people or more) is emailed to you with a booking voucher.

If however you didn't receive this information, for technical reasons beyond our control, you may contact our central booking desk by phone +33 (0)1 42 63 48 18 Monday through Friday from 9.00 AM to 7.30 PM.

For some restaurants, the final confirmation depends on the layout (e.g. the request is for a round table for six people). In this specific case, the confirmation may be differed.
I have forgotton my log-in and/or password, how can I retrieve it ?
For your password, click on forgotten password on the sign in page and you will receive a new password by email. Exceptions asside, your login is your email address.
How do I update my profile ?
To change address, your email, change newsletter settings etc... Simply sign in to your account. If however your are experiencing difficulties, please feel free to contact us.

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The services on offer

How can get I assistance ?
Depending on the subject of your request, please contact the relevant service. If your request cannot be satisfied by one of our assistants, please contact our Customer Service team.
What services do you offer to companies ?
From the beginning, Exclusive Restaurants has developed innovative solutions for companies. Please view our complete range of services in our Corporate solutions area.
Is my online payment secure ?
Yes your online payment is secure, we rely on an outsourced debit card service which is highly sercure.
My credit card has been refused, what should I do ?
For maximum security reasons, the card security code or the further details request may sometimes be unavailable or been changed. Please contact your bank for assistance. If you are experiencing a connexion issue, please contact our central booking desk by dialing +33 (0)1 42 63 48 18 Monday through Friday from 9.00 AM to 7.30 PM, a customer assistant will be pleased to help you.
I don't wish to pay online, what can I do ?
Three options are possible :

You may pay by credit card by calling our central booking desk. The debit of your card will be done with us by phone and none of the details concernig your credit card will remain in our records..

You may pay by transfer, please contact our customer service who will give you the requested information for the trasnfer.

You may pay by cheque, in this case, please check with our central booking desk that this option can be accepted. No payment by cheque will be accepted for puchases made less than 7 days before the requested service.

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The restaurants

How are the restaurants selected ?
Wether they wish to join us or that we have selected them, the rules to become a member restaurant are :

- Our speialised team draws up an inventory of a certain number of criteria (gastronomic reviews, press cuts, location, decor, cuisine, theme etc...). The features are put into a quality grid in order to be closely studied.

- A secret visit is likely to be done (lunch ou dinner), but not systematic, the experience is rated by our secret customer.

- If the two first steps our sucessful, and our criteria (service, cuisine, decor, hygiene, standards etc...) are quality charter compliant, we organise a meeting with the restaurateur. Our philosophy, functioning, attention to quality, regulation compliancy are clearly explained.

- If the meeting with the restaurateur is satisfactory and that he signes the contract, the restaurateur becomes part of the network.
Why can the restaurants be very different ?
Wether they are bistrots or starred restaurants, legendry places or trendy, french cuisine jewels or world cuisine embassadors, the members of Exclusive Restaurants network meet strict selection criteria.

How can they be so diverse : Exclusive Restaurants selection enables a demanding customer to make the right choice at the best moment : a romantic dinner, a coworkers lunch, a business meal, a family dinner, a breakfast meeting... No matter the occasion, it's always important, and Exclusive Restaurant suggests a suitable premium restaurant.
How can I recommentd a restaurant ?
You know a premium restaurant that could become a member ? Feel free to give us it's contact information, we will be sure to check that their statdards meet our selection criteria and contact them as soon as possible. To recommend a restaurant click here
How to join Exclusive restaurants selection?
You are a passionate restaurateur, your teams give the best, your restaurant clearly positions itself as a premium establishment (welcome, service, cuisine, decor) and is excellent value for money, you have many good reasons to want to join us.

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